Crying baby? Sleep issues?

I will help you understand what is happening and how it can be changed
I will work with you to give you the knowledge and skills to help you and your baby to sleep well

Helping parents solve their baby’s sleep issues, breast feeding support and all aspects of early childhood health.
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Sleep is central for the happiness of every family

Rene Rees, Child Health Nurse, Certified Midwife

The impacts of sleep deprivation

Lack of sleep is a common complaint from parents with new born babies. However, sleep deprivation is not normal. It can effect mental and physical health, relationships and the well being of the whole family.

As their babies become toddlers, some parents endure years of stress due to unnecessary sleep deprivation. They are stuck on the thought that there is nothing they can do to change this behaviour. Consequently, poor sleep impacts the feeding, behaviour and relationship of adults and their children.

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Sleep services

• Frequent night waking
• Short sleep cycles
• Not sleeping in own bed or cot

Nutrition services

• Breast feeding
• Formula feeding
• Fussy feeding
• Introduction of solids
• Weaning

Development services

• Milestone assessment

How I can help you:

I will listen to what is valuable to you… and more importantly, identify the cause of your concerns.
I will help you understand the mechanism of what is happening and how it can be changed.

Together we will design a flexible strategy and implement a plan that suits your baby or toddler’s needs.
I will leave you with skills you can use every day and in the future to ensure continued success, family harmony and peace of mind.

Family harmony means to enjoy (not endure) the early years with your child

Kath will not teach you a secret magic formula but she will give you invaluable and sensible advice to bring out the best mother within you.