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Babies have been the love of my life since I was very young.

Kathy Collins

Babies have been the love of my life since I was very young. After becoming a registered nurse pursuing midwifery was an easy decision. Midwifery gave me the opportunity to be involved in and witness the journey of a new life from the very beginning.

After working as a midwife for a number of years I completed a mothercraft nursing course where the focus was not only on baby and toddler care but also on learning how to empower and educate parents. This allows them to enjoy their new journey with their babies and toddlers.

Parents have ideas about what the experience of having a baby will bring to their lives but often the baby does not follow the same script. We are bombarded with magazines that show happy parents with well behaved babies which, I’m sure most parents (including myself) know, is often far from the reality of parenthood.

The most common complaint I hear is lack of sleep because of a crying baby. Babies cry for many reasons including hunger, discomfort, illness, and tiredness. One or a combination of these factors can impact and influence behaviour. Generally, one problem cannot be solved in isolation and while parents may only recognise one complaint the solution is most likely multi-focal.

Thankfully, with the right knowledge and strategy, poor feeding and sleeping patterns can be easily addressed. Once these issues are dealt with parents often experience a positive flow on effect to family lifestyle as a whole.

Make the call that will change your life. Enjoy, not endure, the early years with your child.

Kathy Collins

My experience includes working at Riverton (now The Ellen Barron Family Centre) and privately with families to help them understand and manage difficulties with baby and toddler sleep, feeding, and routine development. This enables them to change their child’s behaviour, thereby  improving family lifestyle and increasing enjoyment of parenting.

I can help you recognise whether hunger, tiredness, discomfort, illness or a combination of issues is affecting your child’s behaviour but more importantly, I can give you lifelong skills to recognise and solve these problems.  Whether there is a feeding problem, medical cause or sleep issue, I can help you improve the quality of your life (and sleep!) and help you to enjoy parenthood.

Make the call that will change your life. Enjoy, not endure, the early years with your child.

Kathy Collins
Kathy Collins

Registered Nurse, Certified Midwife, Mothercraft Nurse