Dream feeds

A dream feed is given last thing at night, usually around 10-11 p.m. without fully waking baby.

The purpose of a dream feed is to help provide a longer period overnight before baby wakes for the next feed giving mums and dads (and baby) a longer sleep.

Dream feeds, when successful work really well and are a great way to extend the next feed, ensuring a few hours of rest for all. Many of my mums use them and find they have success and gain a few extra hours of valuable sleep. One of my mums said that dream feeds were the best because her husband did them-as I said, when they work, they are great.

Some of my mums who have tried them without any advantage say that it made no difference. Some felt they were interrupting a perfectly good sleep and felt it just added an extra feed they had to wait up/wake up for. Some felt they were giving baby a feed they didn’t need.

Opinion is divided about the advantages-some suggest it is a great idea and some claim it interferes with a baby’s natural sleep rhythm. One article says dream feeding is a good way to try difficult feeders when they are sleepy and relaxed.

Personally, I failed at dream feeds (how can any new mum possibly stay awake after 7?) but ended up with a long sleep period from 6pm – 2 am, and that had it’s own advantages.

Babies will usually find there own patterns and whilst we can encourage a longer sleep overnight, it might just be that your baby will be the best guide.

I would love to know (and my new mums) if you used dream feeds successfully or not.

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