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My views on sleep habits

As an early childhood nurse, I support parents in many ways with medical knowledge and skill. My highest priority is to empower parents and to make them feel good about the parenting choices they make as long as their baby is safe and as healthy as they can be. There are many different views on […]

It’s okay to get help

Many of my mums ask why they waited so long before getting help to sort out their sleep issues. There are many reasons-they think they should be able to handle it alone, they feel like failure to ask for help, many strong opinions about sleep behaviours and how it should be handled are confusing and […]

Dream feeds

A dream feed is given last thing at night, usually around 10-11 p.m. without fully waking baby. The purpose of a dream feed is to help provide a longer period overnight before baby wakes for the next feed giving mums and dads (and baby) a longer sleep. Dream feeds, when successful work really well and are […]

Toddlers and bed time

Developmentally, toddlers are learning about themselves and relationships. They have trouble controlling emotions and understanding rules. They have difficulty making choices, sharing and they say no a lot, all whilst needing strong emotional and physical reassurance. Of course, bed time routine and ritual are all important but getting toddlers to bed can be tricky. If you […]

Transitioning from cot to bed

Transitioning from a cot to bed can happen anytime after the age of 2 and usually sometime before the age of 4. There are many reasons that influence the need for change including; a new baby on the way, climbing out of the cot, the ability to be able to get to the toilet at night […]

What is normal crying?

What is normal crying for my baby?Well, there are so many answers here and so many more questions. There is usually some reason your baby is crying and it is the principle means of communication ear There are about 1-2 hours of unexplained crying in a 24 hour period and mostly, babies are comforted by […]

Introducing Solids

When should solids be introduced? The general consensus remains that solids should be introduced around 4-6 months with emphasis on looking for signs that your baby is ready, showing interest in food and/or an increasing appetite. For example, you might notice baby taking an interest in the food you are eating or even mimicking your […]

Will my baby sleep through?

There are several questions that I am asked regularly by parents and I will answer some of these in the next few posts.When will my baby sleep through? I have heard of babies sleeping through at a very young age but realistically, there is an enormous range of when baby will be able to sleep […]

Anxiety and resilience in children

Earlier in the week, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar by Dr Kaylene Henderson on the topic of ‘Tackling Anxiety and Building Resilience in Children’.Then session was an hour and a half well spent and I would highly recommend this talk to every parent. Dr Henderson gave a well presented talk, and covered building […]


Developmental milestones are an indication that we (health professionals and parents) look for to keep track of and reassure us that all is well with baby. They are an INDICATION of normal development and while they are pretty reliable indicators, they are also flexible and depend on other factors, for example prematurity and environment.Premmy babies […]