Transitioning from cot to bed

Transitioning from a cot to bed can happen anytime after the age of 2 and usually sometime before the age of 4. 
There are many reasons that influence the need for change including; a new baby on the way, climbing out of the cot, the ability to be able to get to the toilet at night and of course, the age of the toddler.

Maintaining safety in the bedroom is most important-your toddler can now get out of bed independently, and they probably will, so check the room for choking and suffocation risks. Tie up curtain cords ( newer curtains and blinds have safer adjustment cords), consider what is tempting for them to climb on and how sturdy it is (and what they may be able to reach), consider a safety door for a short time to prevent night time wandering to other areas of danger and temptation. Look at what may be shiny and tempting for your toddler and assess it’s safety-especially things that can be pulled over or swallowed. You might like to think about safety rails or starting off with the mattress on the floor.

Make starting off in a big bed something your toddler can be involved in and talk about the change before hand. If your toddler can be involved in helping choose the bed, setting up and seeing the new bed take shape, it can help them be more interested. Remember toddlers are developing emotionally and are trying to gain some independence. Be careful though that you don’t over excite your toddler about the new bed-you do want them to go to sleep, not think it’s a party bed.

If you are moving to the bed because there is another baby on the way, make sure the transition happens some time before the new baby. Your toddler will have adjustments to make with the new baby, so you don’t want it to appear the baby has stolen the cot.

If you haven’t already, now is a great time for bedtime routine & quiet time before bed. It might also be helpful to keep a blanket from the old cot and transfer it to the new bed. Praise your toddler and be proud of the transition, encourage your toddler to climb into bed on their own and let them know you will be there in the morning.

If you have any great ideas that have helped your child change from the cot to the bed, please share them and let our families know.


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