What is normal crying?

What is normal crying for my baby?
Well, there are so many answers here and so many more questions. There is usually some reason your baby is crying and it is the principle means of communication ear

There are about 1-2 hours of unexplained crying in a 24 hour period and mostly, babies are comforted by cuddles, feeding changing or repositioning. It is generally quite easy to settle and comfort most babies but there are some that just don’t seem to have an off switch for their cry button.

Firstly, if this sounds like your baby, then a trip to a Paediatrician is advised to rule out any minor, or major illness or condition that may be treatable.

If you have a diagnosis, then you can work on strategies to help your baby and enable you to understand where they are coming from. Sometimes this gives great relief, even if it doesn’t solve the crying.

Sometimes, regardless of a healthy baby, parents are faced with a baby who cries seemingly non stop and this can be devastating to say the least. There is nothing that is able to pacify baby despite every effort.

Here are some things that may be helpful: Diet-limit caffeine. I had a mum who had the most glorious baby until she started taking some supplements and on investigation, found them to contain caffeine. Sometimes eliminating dairy or some other foods can help but if you consider this, ensure you are still getting adequate nutrition.

Try a relaxation bath-for the baby (but hey, you might need one too). Fill the bath so that your baby is almost floating supported with just the head out of the water. gently move baby in the water. Most babies love this but there is the unavoidable getting the baby in and out of the bath which sometimes puts you back to square one.

Try a bit of baby massage: https://www.johnsonsbaby.com.au/skin-care/baby-massage…

Sometimes, it is about managing the situation if you are unable to find a cause and have exhausted endless possibilities.

Get help: There are friends who ask “can I do anything?”
Your resounding answer should be YES. Have them sub in even for a short half hour to give you a break. Allow them to hang some washing for you, get some essential food from the shops, just come and keep you company.

Look after your relationship: It is such a stress to have a baby that seemingly doesn’t respond to all of your care and cuddles and that can impact not only you but those around you. Remember, you are on the same team, even though the team doesn’t seem to be winning. One of my mums had 15 mins in the evening when she and her partner would sit down together and have their evening meal. They would put the baby in the walk-in wardrobe-don’t judge. The baby was safe and warm, the space was big and this was their only break.

The great news is that they all survived and that child is robust, healthy and beautiful. The parents as loving and supportive as they were in the early days.

Speaking of safe, if you are alone and feeling stressed to the max, it is OK to place baby in the cot and walk away for a few minutes to regroup and re engage. If you feel out of control, put baby down and call someone to help.

Surviving a crying baby is tough but like many who have come before you, you will all, with time get improvement and your life back.


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