It’s okay to get help

Many of my mums ask why they waited so long before getting help to sort out their sleep issues.

There are many reasons-they think they should be able to handle it alone, they feel like failure to ask for help, many strong opinions about sleep behaviours and how it should be handled are confusing and they don’t know where to start or how to keep going.

Sleep deprivation is not normal, can impact health in a negative way, impacts relationships and can affect coordination (even when driving). There is a reason it was used as a form of torture.

You can do something about it and it is never too late.

My favourite day is checking in with my families after 1 week to see how they are going. Not surprisingly, I hear of benefits such as improved mood, energy and general well being not to mention much better and less interrupted sleep.

Of course, it is a matter of listening to what my mums and family want and need, then finding a way to bring about change. There is a period of learning and relearning for mums and babies that takes a bit of time and practice.

There is certainly some work and effort involved but that is my job…showing parents how to progress, and support them in the process of change, giving them confidence to continue and reach for what initially seems like a goal too far.

There are a variety of choices my families make about how they proceed and not everyone will use the same methods but the principles I teach them are the same.

If you are struggling, it is OK to get some help. Don’t suffer unnecessarily.


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